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Friday, June 27, 2014

Sebastiana Randone's THE HOUSE @sebasti29567440 #Romance #Fantasy #HistFic

She had developed into a very beautiful maiden; tall and svelte with thick golden hair, a long swanlike neck, and blue-green eyes that enchanted by their tendency to change colour with mood. These blue sapphires won young William over. Many suitors had come and gone. But he was the only one that made her heart quicken with ever increasing passion.
William Chatterham was extremely ambitious. Having created his wealth from speculation, at a time when England was expanding her empire through industry and commerce. With this, came along numerous opportunities. Particularly to those driven like William, who was fuelled primarily, by the desire to advance in station and social stature.
As a farmer, his father had toiled long and hard. Being a man who had a proclivity towards fiscal discipline, meant that the family endured a parsimonious existence, for which they were often derided and criticised, as is often the way with miserly folk. This lifelong adherence to economy however, eventually resulted in an inheritance that was surprising, as it was substantial.
When he was six, William’s mother passed away during child birth. The newborn, a girl, survived only to perish some days later. Eighteen year old William was the only child when his exhausted father finally fell to his death. This ensured the young man a small fortune. Sadness notwithstanding, suddenly William found himself in the novel predicament of a life that held much promise. Confidently he embraced this ascendancy with great expectation.
Not wishing to emulate his father, William, who was more predisposed to mental pursuits than manual labour, decided to tread a different path. With his formative years dedicated towards the procurement of wealth, William’s aspiration was largely borne of the desire to live a gentrified routine, consisting of fine clothes, food and wine, and marrying into a respectable family. The culmination of the inheritance, as well as, an innate acumen for investment and capitalising on opportunities, meant that William’s advance up the stairway to wealth and privilege was guaranteed.
Upon introduction William fell instantly in love with Elizabeth. Her charms and beauty were dazzling to the young inexperienced man. He eagerly agreed to marriage with the alacrity of a young man who had yet to experience the joys of physical romance. Fortunately, Elizabeth reciprocated his advances. William, a very handsome man, with dark looks and a tall stout physique, spoke the promise of a fairy tale union.

The House is an adult fairy tale rich in mystery and intrigue.
Here is a tale of a woman so absorbed with historical novels that her own reality ceases to offer any hope of romance and beauty.
Until one day this dreamy idealist finds herself in a mysterious forest. How she arrived there is unknown. Soon she encounters a dilapidated house, within whose ancient walls magical rooms that transport to parallel worlds lie in wait.  There she is transmigrated to 18th century England, where our heroine interacts with an odd mix of characters whose dysfunctional lives become immediately apparent.
Her first tribulation involves a nefarious lord, an archetype of the monstrous characters one encounters in fairy tales. The ramification from this confrontation sets the tone for the narrative.
A magic portal finally enables escape from the austere Georgian dwelling. She is then spirited back to the enigmatic house, and a journey to Regency London follows, where a large cast of eccentric identities present themselves.
Late one night, following a long stay in Florence, a young, heart-broken poet arrives. His introduction to the beautiful time traveller offers promise of restoration and love. But there are several more obstacles ahead before her destiny in this curious adventure is made apparent.
In the end an unexpected twist is revealed. But like all good fairy tales, this surprising conclusion is pleasing, even though the means of getting there are dark, and at times sinister.
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Genre - Historical, Fantasy, Romance
Rating - PG-16
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