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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Emma Right – 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Keeper of Reign @emmbeliever

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Keeper of Reign

By: Emma Right

1. That I started the story in 2008 and it had taken me six long years to get it onto Kindle and about 17 edits later, and two of these are with professional editors.

2. That my children inspired me to write the book. Also, one of the first things that got me going about the book was the song from Switchfoot,  titled, “Meant to Live” (for so much more). It got me thinking about how far short each of us fall from our true potential. I really believe each human being has been created to overcome troubles and problems, and live above all that life throws at us. Yet the trials and troubles of this world reduce us, and it feels that our troubled world is so big. This is just like how it was for the Elfies who lived in Reign. Also I’d read Destined to Reign, and it inspired me to think of possibilities.

3. I came up with over a dozen titles: Elfie Epic, Kingdom of Keepers, Kingdom of Reign, The Overcomers, …but finally, I decided that it really was about just one Keeper: Jules Blaze, a boy who minimized his heritage, and didn’t realize he could make an impact in his world, and that his family needed him.

4. That the names in Keeper of Reign has great significance.

5. That while I started writing Keeper of Reign Book 1 in the USA, some parts of it was written in Asia, while we were there for a bit, and also some parts, in New Zealand, and still, some of the edits were done while I was in Europe.

6.That Keeper of Reign had another cover, then I decided to hire a professional cover designer, Lisa Hainline. I told her some of the elements in the story, and that the dragonfly lantern was an important component, and that i wanted it to have a magical, fairy-tale like feel, for that’s what Keeper of Reign is–something of a fairy-tale. And, it’s Elfies, not elves. The Elfies are a cross between elves, (the more robust, physical beings) and fairies (think ethereal, flighty.)

7. That yes, Keeper of Reign has a Book 2, and the reason I stopped it where I did was because there was too much to tell in one book. Did you know for instance that JRR Tolkien had the three books in his Lord of the Rings series as one big book? But the publisher said it was too voluminous, and so he had to split it into three? Next time you pick it up, take a peek at the end of the first book and you will see that it ends with the readers not knowing what will happen to Frodo on his trip.

8. That the first Keeper of Reign was over 230,000 words long and I had to cut out the history, back-stories, their local customs, food habits, etc because these just bogged down on the plot. Also, i was advices that readers 11-16 are not going to be too interested in these things. So i have been toying with the idea of putting all that information either on my site, or write a short prequel and history of the Elfies type of book. For instance did you know that the Elfies only ate natural foods culled form the forest. If I had time i would compile a book of recipes from Reign. How about Food Reigns as a title!

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