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Monday, December 30, 2013

Author Interview – Brie McGill @briemcgill

Who is your favorite author and why? Anne Rice is my favorite author in the world: I fall in love with her characters, I get lost in the rich description and elegance of her worlds. I love her philosophical edge and her sense of humor. If there is one writer on the planet I could emulate, it would be her.

I love George Orwell, because he pegged all the issues we face today as a society confronted by the advance of technology. He paints a clear picture about the end result of the abuse of power, both subtle and overt. I wear my George Orwell buttons out in public, and I am always surprised when kids point and ask, “What’s that?” Then I fiendishly rub my hands together and explain…

Hunter S. Thompson and Robert Anton Wilson both make me laugh so hard, out loud, while I read their books. Anais Nin’s erotica is full of revelation, and some passages are so profoundly written that I have to stop and read them twice.

Can we expect any more books from you in the future? You can reliably expect a tumbling mountain of books from me in the future. The Sex, Drugs, and Cyberpunk series is a reboot of an ancient manuscript written in high school that I never finished; I shredded it to pieces and reinvented the story over the course of at least ten tales, which can be read in any order.

Beyond that, chances are I will still continue writing, because I love it and never have been able to stop.

Have you started another book yet? Six Below, the next installment in the Sex, Drugs, and Cyberpunk series, is nearly finished, slated for release in late October. It features an erotic kidnapping, evil megacorporations and the ancient astronaut theory. Stay tuned!

Are you reading any interesting books at the moment? Since I dove headfirst into the wild world of Amazon, I’ve read too many fascinating books by other independent publishers to count! I should blog to keep track of them all. Some of this month’s reading highlights have been: The Assassin Princess, by Blake Rivers, an art-melting-into-alternate-reality fantasy novel that reminds me of Neil Gaiman tales; High Stakes Chattel, by Andie Blue, a smoking-hot historical romance with a handsome, aloof hero and a feisty heroine; The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club, by Duncan White, a thriller with the most complex tapestry of characters I’ve ever read; and Sea of Secrets, by Amanda DeWees, a gothic romance with tongue-in-cheek storytelling that made me yearn for my childhood days of reading Bronte novels.

What dreams have been realized as a result of your writing? I realized that I can connect with readers through my writing, which is incredibly exciting, and makes me want to write more. When someone resonates with a heartfelt passage that I wrote, it gives me butterflies. I’ve been deeply influenced and inspired by other artists–writers, musicians, visual artists–so it’s awesome to think that my own art could impact someone the same way.

When you wish to end your career, stop writing, and look back on your life, what thoughts would you like to have? I don’t ever want to stop writing! It is, foremost, a hobby and a passion. I’d like to look back on my life and see that I made it a career.


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