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Thursday, October 10, 2013

#Free Alert – Rogue's Hollow @tilleytalk

Rogue’s Hollow by Jan Tilley


In a place where legend and unspoken truth have been hidden for centuries, how much longer will it be before the secrets are revealed? The deceptions are frightening, but the truth is terrifying...
Malachi Chidester runs the Old Mill General Store in Rogue’s Hollow. Many secrets hide in the dungeons of his past, but he must confront the unknown before the truth may emerge.
When Malachi befriends a young man from a neighboring town, the horrific truth is finally exposed. Both men will be forced to face the traumatic details of their past and make decisions which may lead them down a dark and uncertain path.
Ghosts are the least of their Concerns. Is history destined to repeat itself or will someone have the strength to stand up to the evil lurking in the shadows of Rogue’s Hollow?


Dí lo que piensas...