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Sunday, October 13, 2013

#Free - The Jaxon Effect by KC Michaels @jaxoneffect

The Jaxon Effect by KC Michaels

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The first installment of the Jaxon Effect Trilogy is a fast paced and sexy page turner that has all the goods.  One night only, that was the agreement!
Jaxon Remington has GQ looks, a hefty bank-roll, and he owns the hottest male strip club in Manhattan. Sounds perfect right. Not even close. On the surface he has the world by the balls but on the inside he's hanging by a tiny thread.
Jaxon wears a proverbial suit of armour but when Dr. Sims walks into his life he might as well be naked. After just one kiss she not only puts a chink in the armour, she blows it apart at the seams. No matter how hard he tries to deny their connection, he knows he needs more. With his sobriety on the line, he's forced to make a decision. Follow his heart, and risk everything or take the safe route, break her heart, and walk away. 
Believing a one night stand is exactly what she needed to move past a terrible break-up, Kate Sims uncharacteristically agrees to Jaxon Remington's proposal. A one shot deal. A wonderful memory she could recall far into the future. What she received was far more than she bargained for. She had fallen for him and he was emotionally unavailable.
A relationship that had her teetering on the edge of insanity was not her idea of a good time. Although this man spoke to her soul on a level she couldn't comprehend, the one sided--no strings attached--arrangement she found herself in had to end. At the risk of losing him forever, deciding something was not better than nothing she gives him an ultimatum and prays she has the strength to follow through.
The Jaxon Effect is a romantic suspense trilogy. A guaranteed page turner that has compelling main characters, interesting sub characters and a unique plot. Women who enjoyed the deep connection between Edward and Bella in Twilight and the sensual chemistry between Christian and Anna in Fifty Shades will love this. This story differs from both of these titles as the plot is action packed yet realistic and the romantic elements are spicy but not erotica.


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