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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Author Interview – Marcy Waldenville

Can you tell us about your family? I’ve been married to my husband, Ken for 33 years. We were very young when we got married. My son, Jesse and his wife, Shannon and my granddaughter, Vivianna live about 6 hours away. My daughter Sarah and her husband, Shawn, are planning a move to Florida. So we will be doing a lot of traveling in the next few years. And, my dog, Max, is never very far away.

Why do you write? For the reason most writers do. If I don’t get these people out of my head they drive me crazy. There is something very cathartic to telling their stories.

What makes you happiest? Spend time with my granddaughter, Vivianna. She is my joy.

What scares you most? Zombies! I hate anything I can’t reason with, that includes dead people. Seriously, I lost my mom to cancer and I think cancer scares me more then I’m comfortable admitting out loud.

What books did you love growing up? I think I was writer almost before I was reading. I remember telling stories of my own to the kids I babysat. And in elementary school I started to write them out. I have always loved Jane Austin and she is my go to writers. I’ve reread her books over and over. I read Woodiwiss in high school and fell in love with romance.

What book should everyone read at least once? The collective work of Dr. Seuss. He did things with language that was magical. There is music on every page. And everyone should read to a child as often as possible.

What writing are you most proud of? The Tears of the Damned.  Available through Kindle and Nook. I loved writing this book and I’m still in love Finnegan MacGregor. He was so much fun for me.


Five authors contribute five novellas to this romantic collection set over centuries, in one home on the Albemarle Sound.

Home is where the heart is…

One stately residence on North Carolina’s Albemarle Sound. Five stories of heart-warming romance. Told against the backdrop of the Civil War, the loss of an unsinkable ship, the patriotic zeal of the second world war, the heart-rending conflict of Vietnam, and the thrill of modern day Nascar, Jamie Denton, S. K. McClafferty, Kathleen Shoop, Marcy Waldenville, and J. D. Wylde deliver a variety pack of poignant, sexy, and sweet.

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Genre – Romance

Rating – R

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