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Monday, July 22, 2013

Author Interview – Paula Boyd

What movies do you love to watch? I love to watch all kinds of movies from quantum physics spiritual stuff like What the Bleep Do We Know? to seriously stupid adolescent boy humor like Hot Tub Time Machine. Go figure. No horror or thrillers though. The most recent movie I saw at the theatre was Star Trek in 3D. I really liked it. I always like romantic comedies such as Something’s Gotta Give and Crazy Stupid Love, and I also like action adventure—Indiana Jones, The Mummy, Men in Black, etc. Clearly, I like to have fun!

How do you feel about self-publishing? It has saved my life! Literally! It is my livelihood, so I am immensely grateful that I can self-publish! I write fiction and nonfiction and I never once considered looking for a traditional publisher. That said, my nonfiction book, Living the Life You Love, is now also traditionally published in by publishers in other countries, which I’m thrilled about. Still, self-publishing is my mainstay and I truly appreciate every single reader who buys my books. It is because of your support that I can keep doing what I love. Thank you!

How long have you been writing? I had a brief stint in journalism in college before I became insane and got married and gave it up. About ten years later, my dad dropped dead of a heart attack and I was in shock. It pulled the rug out from under me in more ways than I understood at the time. It also broke me open. A few months later, songs—lyrics and melodies—started popping into my head. I wrote them down and more kept coming. I was having fun again! I found a little writing group up in the mountains where I lived and took my songs to share. A few in the group were writing poetry and short stories, but most were writing novels. Well, I wanted to do that too! I’d been a voracious reader, so I figured I knew how things should generally go. I simply decided to write a book and did. In 1993, my first novel won a writing contest with only three chapters written, so I was off and running. I wrote three complete novels in various genres before Hot Enough to Kill was published in 1999.

What writing are you most proud of? I love my Jolene novels and being in that world, and I am extremely proud of the book being featured in magazines such as Redbook and winning a literary award. However, the most significant personal accomplishment for me is my nonfiction book, Living the Life You Love: The No-Nonsense Guide to Total Transformation by Paula Renaye. It one sense, it is my life’s work—it’s a compilation of my struggles, the hard lessons learned and the guide out of the abyss that I, like so many, fell into. It is my contribution to helping others on their journey, especially my children. It is a how-to handbook for life and how to be happy—a compilation of all the things I wish I could have taught them but didn’t know myself. It really does fulfill my soul to know that when someone one is ready to do the deep personal work, it’s there. http://toughlovetalk.com/living-the-life-you-love/


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Book 1–The 1st Jolene Jackson Mystery

Kickapoo, Texas, is the last place Jolene Jackson wants to be, but with her 72-year-old mother’s boyfriend murdered and Mother Dearest locked up because of it, she’s got little choice but to head south and deal with it.

Bullets are flying, chicken’s frying and there’s a lunatic on the loose in the mesquites with a shotgun who’s Hot Enough to Kill.
An excerpt is included in The University of Texas Press’ title, Lone Star Sleuths–An Anthology of Texas Crime Fiction


“Don’t Mess with Texas! You’ll laugh your way from Kickapoo to Redwater Falls and back.” — Linda Huntley Wills, Redbook

“This is a wild ride with thrills, chills and laughs galore. Highly Recommended.” — Editor, I *Love* a Mystery

“…makes for fast, fun summer reading.” — Nancy Cook-Senn, Shawnee Escort
“Anyone who enjoys the works of Janet Evanovich or Joan Hess is going to love Ms. Boyd.” — Toby Bromberg, Romantic Times

“…a terrific mystery, sharply drawn, cleverly plotted, dynamically presented, and pure sleuthing entertainment from first page to last.” — Wisconsin Bookwatch

“The mystery genre has witnessed an abundance of female sleuths, but none quite like Jolene Jackson and her mother, Lucille.” — Argus Observer

5 Stars and 5+ Laughs! Has to be film adapted. Would make a delightful audiobook. ” …a hoot and a half of rollicking good mystery! The best dang novel I’ve read all year!” — Leann Arndt, The Midwest Book Review

“Carl Hiaasen meets Texasville! …a must read for your Sherlock funny bone.” — Judi Clark, Mostly Fiction

“… comedic characters you’ll just love. …a humor you can’t resist. I can’t remember the last time that I read a book as light and refreshing as this.” — Pamela Stone, My Shelf

“This first entry of an apparent series will leave readers loudly laughing at the antics of Jolene and her mother. Hot Enough to Kill is a tongue-in-cheek look at relationships and amatuer sleuthing. Still, the mystery has a character of its own that adds to a wonderful plot. If this tale is any example, Paula Boyd has a long running series that will provide much pleasure to fans.” — Harriet Klausner

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Genre – Mystery & Thriller / Women Sleuth

Rating – PG13

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